Joust! Post-Mortem

"Joust!" has now been  released on so go check it out! In this post I'll be giving an overall rundown on the project, notable milestones, things learned and what I can do to make development easier on myself and my teammates in future projects. The Development The start had to be the toughest part of... Continue Reading →

House of Heavens – Post Mortem

My art game House of Heavens required us to draw inspiration from an art piece that we experienced in person. I went to brisbanes Gallery of Modern Art and drew inspiration for a game from art work named House of Heavens. When I went in to choose an artwork, I believe I got really lucky... Continue Reading →

House of Heavens – The Artwork

Introduction This will be a quick insight into the sculpture I chose to base my game design on for my second project for the trimester. Here we will look at the sculpture itself, the artist and breakdown the meaning, why I chose it to create a short experience about it and how I intend to... Continue Reading →

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