Dev Diary #2 – Asset Creation


Hi! Recently we submitted our games to the gamejam of which unfortunately I didn’t complete. But I did get some assets done for the game that I didn’t get to showcase.


For game audio I had the following sounds:

These sounds were intended to be for the Menu click transitions, unfortunately I never had the time to complete the project so I never got to this stage. I recorded these sounds myself using my own RODE Studio microphone in my room with quite a bit of background noise (mostly from fans).

Following are the stages I progressed through when creating this audio:

Initial Recording

After Noise Removal
After Cutting and Exporting the Clips
Matching the loudness of exported files with free sound effects I discovered on
This process felt very smooth, and had little to no hiccups, I am feeling very confident I am able to do this in the future whenever needed.

2D Art

For the 2D art I created multiple spritesheets for things like animated signage and player movement.
Using Photoshop to create the needed sprites for import
This was an area I had very little idea on how to do, so for my first attempt I focused on the functionality of the animated spritesheet working rather than the quality of the sprite itself.

Software used:

  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • GitHub

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