KPI Meeting Reflection

The Discussion

During the meeting the discussion went straight into what TSS (Transferable Soft-Skills) I found I was struggling with or found to be good, we mainly discussed about what wasn’t working well and how I could fix it. 

What Needed Improving

The very first thing that became apparent due to the meeting was my ability to begin projects and how I procrastinate at the beginning of projects but when it’s crunch time or when I get to the mid-project stage, I actually really enjoy the development process. We pin-pointed the source of the problem to be not being able to set and layout the initial documentation effectively enough which causes myself to REALLY not want to do the documentation. 

How I could Improve

I noticed that after enough pressure to needing to get it done, I can actually get started and do it. Steve mentioned in the meeting about a platform called “Workflowy” which helps me get through a new initial method of documentation suggested by Tony which is laying out all the crucial points of the documentation in the structure they need to be in, then converting the simplified dot points into a comprehensive description that others can read and use. Workflowy is something I will definitely look into using for present and future projects.

What I Want out of this Course

As per mentioned in the meeting, I only wish to stay at SAE until the completion of the Associates Degree. This is a personal decision due to the overall debt I’ve accumulated over the years, not just at SAE but at other institutions as well. As well as the fact I know I need to start becoming fully independent again and start earning enough money in order to support myself and others if I need to. After having this piece of paper I intend to find a full-time job not necessarily in a studio (but if so then great!) and earn a decent income whilst expanding my own portfolio and skills in my own time. After expanding this whilst earning an income for a few years I intend to combine my portfolio and academic qualifications to secure a position at a larger studio most likely specialising in areas like Level/Environment design and game balancing.

To Conclude

This meeting helped me recognise my weakness in documentation creation and has provided me with a method to try to actually make a difference and improve on this weakness. It’s given me direction and a clear path forward from here in order to complete the course with minimal issues. 

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