Dev Diary #11 – KPI Softskills Summary

A few weeks ago a KPI meeting was held with my classroom facilitators Tony and Steve. We discussed about my Transferable Soft-Skills, the good and the bad. The meeting reflection blog post can be found HERE.

What Needed Improving

When discussing my inability to start projects promptly, the discussed possible reason was that the documentation was a wall for me, and handling the way I approach documentation should be changed. Now that I’ve come to the end of the trimester, I’ve had a chance to try the suggestion made to start with laying the headings out beforehand. This has indeed helped, but being perfectly honest in trying this method I still have issues with it. Not because I find the work difficult, but I feel I get way too distracted by other things either online or by social matters. 
To follow up on improving this downfall, the first step is acceptance, I know its an issue, and now I can recognize when exactly I’m doing this. It’s something I feel no “App” or organisational website like the mentioned website “Workflowy” can fix, instead knowing I just need to change my behaviour toward challenging more tedious tasks.

Moving Forward

My plan from here has not changed drastically, but recently toward the end of the trimester 2 major areas of interest for me has become apparent to me. In regards to game development skills and interest areas, I want to further my knowledge in UI programming and design. I seem to have a lot of fun with UI scenes when developing these components of a game. It’s enjoyable and relaxing! Perhaps I’ll make that my main focus going into Studio 2? We’ll see.
The secondary point of interest is outside of the games course. I’m beginning to make a mark in the CS:GO esports scene online. I’m generating great contacts in high up places (being managers and organisers from big event organisations, such as ESL) and already had numerous talks to them about possible future employment. Being an avid follower of the esports scene, I cant think of anything more exciting. 
I can see multiple pathways leading out of my study to gain employment in things that interest me which really eases the stress on finding a job after the completion of my studies at SAE.

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