Dev Diary #7 – Project 2 Post Mortem

Project 2 Post-Mortem (Up Ship Creek)

Project 2 was a physical board game that we had to design around a specific set of rules outlined in our brief. This was our first group project of the trimester splitting the class up into groups of 3’s and 4’s. Beginning at the start of week 3 we had a couple more weeks to work on this in regards to the previous solo project (which was nice). 

What Went Well?

From the beginning, I loved the fact that all groups worked on their own depictions on what the game should be and when collaborating together as a class we could come together and make a game I think everybody thought was suitable. The group merge I feel went more smoothly than initially thought.

Another thing that went well would be our creation of Floyd’s personality. Originally the core personality was imagined by me and built upon nicely by some of the other guys in my group. When pitched to the class, the personality was very well received and the class collectively agreed that to be the final personality in the collaborated game.

What Could Have Gone Better

    Being part of the app development team, this didn’t go down too well, I’m not entirely sure what it was that happened in this strike-team I was in but nobody seemed to really have the time or motivation in order to do this part.

    • Seeing as it seemed everyone involved in this thing was really to blame, I think that in order for this to succeed, there needed to be no overlap in-between projects. 
    • The team organisation could have been better, this may stem from a the reason of the previous point, but if people remembered  to make and check assigned tasks more often, this may have not been an issue.


    The method of working separately in smaller groups was a great idea in order to initially get the ideas and prototypes of smaller groups brought into the light. This helps in the future when an idea gets voted in from another group that the idea wont get re-contested, otherwise you can expect to be trapped inside idea-hell for longer than what needs to be. 
    People can simply not be cut out for the job, recognizing this and acting accordingly and as early as you can is sometimes what you need to do for the best interests of the project.
    Finally, perhaps taking on multiple projects at once isn’t the best idea but if you need to, Good organisation and scheduling is twice as important!

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