Dev Diary #9 – Collaborators for Sound Vapour (Project 3 – Add Verb)

For majority of the project we never actually had any collaborators put their hand up to work with us (even after the detailed pitch video I made). This kinda sucked but in Week 11 Zac found us 2 Graphic Artists to help make some 2D assets for our game, Sofia Ranger and Steph Furness.

Sofia Ranger

We added her Facebook account and we just messaged through that. Usually the best way for communicating is through some sort of voice chat I understand but for our purposes text chat seemed to work just fine, she had no problem getting back to me, very prompt with her work and always had a positive attitude when discussing what we wanted. A great work ethic that made her working with us a breeze. Conversation extract below.

Steph Furness

Steph was contacted similarly through Facebook. She was mostly prompt with her responses, a couple of times she took an hour or so to respond but nothing of concern. We had assigned her to do the Menu background images which were done quickly but not to expected quality. The pictures had very obvious imperfections she didn’t bother to fix before submitting but after mentioning it she was fairly quick to correct the error. 

Collaborators uploaded their work to a shared drive folder we could all access and had no issue with using it, saving us from having to deal with teaching them and worrying about possible mistakes. I never noticed how much we actually needed decent art for our game until it was implemented so I am extremely grateful they were able to do this for us. Thanks girls!

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