Dev Diary #14 2D Asset Creation

When seeking help from animators, they had remade the shapes in the game to look much nicer and cleaner. This prompted the need to re-make the pause menu background for Sound Vapour.

I changed the new background to also have a radial gradient to transparency in order to better see the game objects paused in the background.

As seen in the screenshot, I made sure even the darkest parts of the background are still transparent enough to see through to whats behind it.

Following this, I used the updated shapes to create a new executable icon for the build. Keeping a simple 128×128 image gave the icon a sleek, clean, colourful look that very easily stands out on a desktop or file directory.


Implementing the background was as simple as replacing the image file in the director and renaming the new image the same as the old.
As for the Icon, this needs to be added through the PlayerSettings window after the icon has been moved into the project folder.

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