Studio 2 Introduction and Goals

As I go into Studio 2 this trimester, I realize this is a very important one as I intend this to be the final trimester of study. I need to compile an impressive portfolio and I need to learn a LOT of new skills to feel confident in leaving. I expect this trimester to be very full-on as I have a  lot of skills left I still want to learn.

These skill-sets I’m looking to gain/improve on are intended to make myself look desirable to employers in the industry. The 3 main areas I wish to focus on in my studies this trimester are Level Design, UI Design and VR Development, with the added expectation that I can ship a game by the end of the trimester or at least soon afterwards. During Studio 1, I have Identified Level and UI Design as 2 core area’s I wished to focus on so that’s what I intend to do over the next couple of months.

As this is the last trimester I intend to be here at SAE, I have discussed a plan with my lecturer in order to give myself 10 weeks time developing 1 bigger project rather than 2 smaller projects. This is purely to give myself the time needed to research, learn and develop by the book and efficiently for VR. I have little knowledge about the technology at the moment and that’s why I’ve requested the extra time to actually become comfortable developing for it. This extra time will also come in handy as I sort out how I’m meant to advertise myself to studios and get an impressive portfolio together to get the attention from different employers.

Studio 2 is all about emotional and meaningful design. I understand the concept of the module, I know what needs to be done, I can see this module being very useful to me. My current mindset when designing a game always seems to head to “What’s the game-play going to be like? Will it be balanced? Will it be fun? Is it too easy or difficult?”. Bringing in emotion and meaning into games is an obvious factor I know my mind is lacking. My 10 week VR project is going to be an obvious attempt at conquering the state of emotions in players. I’m not entirely sure what my idea for that is going to be yet, some ideas are rattling around up there but I will be focusing on that when I get closer to the project start date.

With my VR Project, I wish to use emotion and meaning to ultimately leave a lasting impression. People talk about things that mean something to them, some things that they may find especially funny, something that hits home or maybe just something so incredibly odd and weird they don’t stop trying to analyze it for a meaning. That’s what I intend to accomplish before I decide to ship the game.

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