Where’s The Money – Post Mortem

“Where’s The Money?” was a game I created over the course of 2 weeks as my first project of the trimester at uni. As a quick summary of the game, its a single-player clicker game that simulates my personal living expenses whilst studying here at SAE in Brisbane.

My intention for this game is to speak out about the struggle independent students have when trying to live and study full-time and how student welfare payment alone is not enough to keep people like me afloat. To do this in the game though, I simply designed the game to be impossible to win, because that’s what my point is, it’s an impossible situation to be in.

What Went Well?

At the beginning of development I was definitely keen to get in and get better skilled with Unity’s UI system. I began taking an interest in UI from last trimester in Studio 1 so this seemed like a great opportunity to hone those skills. Laying out the UI Panels, doing the correct alignments, margins and making it scale-able was a smooth process I enjoyed doing and had little problems with.

Keeping revisions updated was also something I did regularly that I’m glad I kept on top of. Being able to set up GitHub with gitignore files and scheduling my tasks on hack-n-plan was a smooth process that I don’t think could have gone much better.

What Didn’t Go So Well?

Development up to the finish of the UI Layout was smooth sailing. But once I got the text and UI Elements in, I never ended up with enough time to make nice looking UI art for the panels or elements. For a game that was UI heavy, this would have taken some time to make, time I didn’t have come the last day of development our class had. This could have been countered by; (a) either getting a head start on the project development if I had realised how much art was actually needed or (b) Get better at Illustrator/Photoshop in order to make these art assets in a much shorter time. Both plausible options to keep in mind going into future projects.

Another area of improvement I wish to focus on is my presentation of my itch.io pages for the games that I post. The one created for this game I look at as sub-par compared to many others I’ve seen. I had no idea you could edit the CSS of your page when publishing your project this is great as I know a little bit about CSS as I have worked as a full-time web developer before commencing study here. So thats an area I’m keen on improving on for the next project!

To Conclude

Things to work on:

  • better asset creation
  • start earlier
  • make cooler itch.io pages

Where’s the Money is available for Windows and Mac on Itch.io, download link below.

Where’s The Money? (itch.io)


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