House of Heavens – Post Mortem

My art game House of Heavens required us to draw inspiration from an art piece that we experienced in person. I went to brisbanes Gallery of Modern Art and drew inspiration for a game from art work named House of Heavens. When I went in to choose an artwork, I believe I got really lucky finding something that I could link to a gameplay design so easily.


When reading about the House of Heavens artwork, It was one of few I could actually visualise in my head a gameplay design and art-style. It seemed to click as an artwork I could design around but I feel I probably could have done some other artwork that wasnt so easy to get a base game design pulled out of my head. Looking back it was a fairly basic concept and I think a lot of people would have come up with the same or similar idea if they had this artwork assigned to them.

When developing the project itself, I had a lot of fun doing the environment creation. I’ve always enjoyed this sort of thing and always like to do little bits of research about it when I have some free time, mostly in the form of youtube tutorials. Something I know I still need to research in this area however is getting better looking terrain. I feel I used some very beginner level terrain techniques and I can see I need to expand my skillset here.

This is actually the first time I’ve implemented normal maps on the textures I used, I was actually blown away by how great the giant stones looked in-game with them. I really wish to experiment with these in the next project!

On the social media sides of things, I posted a GIF to twitter and got a great response about my game from various indie devs. This was a great uplifting feeling and even netted me a few extra followers to my twitter. Definitely worth the time making a short GIF, even if its something thats 1 days work, it will reap some sort of benefit!

Unlike my first project, I spent a little more time on this porject’s page. I think it turned out fairly well, granted there are improvements that can still be made, but its definite progress from my last project. The page can be found HERE.



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