House of Heavens – Post Mortem

My art game House of Heavens required us to draw inspiration from an art piece that we experienced in person. I went to brisbanes Gallery of Modern Art and drew inspiration for a game from art work named House of Heavens. When I went in to choose an artwork, I believe I got really lucky... Continue Reading →

Where’s The Money – Post Mortem

"Where's The Money?" was a game I created over the course of 2 weeks as my first project of the trimester at uni. As a quick summary of the game, its a single-player clicker game that simulates my personal living expenses whilst studying here at SAE in Brisbane. My intention for this game is to... Continue Reading →

Studio 2 Introduction and Goals

As I go into Studio 2 this trimester, I realize this is a very important one as I intend this to be the final trimester of study. I need to compile an impressive portfolio and I need to learn a LOT of new skills to feel confident in leaving. I expect this trimester to be... Continue Reading →

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