Where’s The Money – Post Mortem

"Where's The Money?" was a game I created over the course of 2 weeks as my first project of the trimester at uni. As a quick summary of the game, its a single-player clicker game that simulates my personal living expenses whilst studying here at SAE in Brisbane. My intention for this game is to... Continue Reading →

Studio 2 Introduction and Goals

As I go into Studio 2 this trimester, I realize this is a very important one as I intend this to be the final trimester of study. I need to compile an impressive portfolio and I need to learn a LOT of new skills to feel confident in leaving. I expect this trimester to be... Continue Reading →

Dev Diary #14 2D Asset Creation

When seeking help from animators, they had remade the shapes in the game to look much nicer and cleaner. This prompted the need to re-make the pause menu background for Sound Vapour.I changed the new background to also have a radial gradient to transparency in order to better see the game objects paused in the... Continue Reading →

Technical Specification Documents

A Technical Specification Document (Tech Spec doc for short). Is a document created before the coding of relevant scripts. It's used to help define the network of scripts that will be created for your game, explaining what Classes there will be and what functions will be contained in each of those classes in order to... Continue Reading →

Dev Diary #12 – Project 3 Post Mortem

Project 3 Post-Mortem (Add Verb)Ahhhh Project 3, to be completely honest, I spent all trimester looking forward to this project. A project I could actually help code and design and come out with something I could actually be proud of is a goal I've been looking forward to doing for quite some time.What Went Well?Team... Continue Reading →

Dev Diary #11 – KPI Softskills Summary

A few weeks ago a KPI meeting was held with my classroom facilitators Tony and Steve. We discussed about my Transferable Soft-Skills, the good and the bad. The meeting reflection blog post can be found┬áHERE.What Needed ImprovingWhen discussing my inability to start projects promptly, the discussed possible reason was that the documentation was a wall... Continue Reading →

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