Dev Diary #8 – Scripting (2)

// Codepad.all(); IntroductionAs there was no real scripting required from us from the 2nd project we had, this scripting post will be referring to the scripting work that I contributed to the project over the first couple of weeks in the project development. Recently, I've started to gain interest in UI programming. So I had... Continue Reading →

Dev Diary #7 – Project 2 Post Mortem

Project 2 Post-Mortem (Up Ship Creek)Project 2 was a physical board game that we had to design around a specific set of rules outlined in our brief. This was our first group project of the trimester splitting the class up into groups of 3's and 4's. Beginning at the start of week 3 we had... Continue Reading →

Dev Diary #6 – Asset Creation #2

Asset CreationSpritesGroundOver the past couple of weeks I have been creating some 2D sprites for Sound Vapour. The first of which being the ground that the shapes fall onto:I started with a small section about 10-15% of the width of the image above and gave it a basic brown background then proceeded to draw breaks... Continue Reading →

Dev Diary #4 – Project 1 Post Mortem

Project 1 Post-Mortem (Wherefore art though?)Wherefore art though in summary was a project spanning over the course of the first 2 weeks of the trimester. The second week being all the time we had to actually make the game. The game being a re-imagining of an old arcade game titled Berzerk in the style or... Continue Reading →

KPI Meeting Reflection

The DiscussionDuring the meeting the discussion went straight into what TSS (Transferable Soft-Skills) I found I was struggling with or found to be good, we mainly discussed about what wasn't working well and how I could fix it.¬†What Needed ImprovingThe very first thing that became apparent due to the meeting was my ability to begin... Continue Reading →

Dev Diary #3 – Scripting

// Codepad.all(); IntroductionDuring project one I came to the conclusion that I really haven't improved much on my scripting abilities since last trimester. It's obvious that I need more experience with programming in order to get certain more advanced systems to work. I had gone into coding this project knowing what I wanted to do,... Continue Reading →

Dev Diary #2 – Asset Creation

IntroductionHi! Recently we submitted our games to the gamejam of which unfortunately I didn't complete. But I did get some assets done for the game that I didn't get to showcase.AudioFor game audio I had the following sounds: These sounds were intended to be for the Menu click transitions, unfortunately I never had the... Continue Reading →

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